2023-2024 Programs

SP Music: “L’enfer” performed by Stromae
Choreographer: Shae-Lynn Bourne
FS Music: “The Void” and “Madness” by Muse
Choreographer: Misha Ge

2022-2023 Programs

SP Music: Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla
FS Music:
“Fortuna X (Gravity of Love) by Enigma
Choreographer: Misha Ge

2021-2022 Programs

SP Music: “Malagueña” by Benise
FS Music: Imagine Dragons medley
Choreographer: Sam Chouinard, Andrew Torgashev

2020-2021 Programs (Did not compete programs)

SP Music: Flamenco medley by various artists
FS Music: Imagine Dragons medley
Choreographer: Sam Chouinard, Andrew Torgashev

2019-2020 Programs

Short Program: “Bloodstream” by Tokio Myers
Free Skate: “Tosca” by Giacomo Puccini, performed by Luciano Pavarotti
Choreographer: Andrew Torgashev

2018-2019 Programs

Short Program: “Open Arms” by Journey
Choreographers: Andrew Torgashev, Scott Brown and Evgeni Platov
Free Skate: “Tango de Roxanne” from Moulin Rouge film soundtrack
Choreographer: Scott Brown

2017-2018 Programs

Short Program: “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven
Free Skate: “Tango de Roxanne” from Moulin Rouge film soundtrack
Andrew shared a clip on his Instagram )
Choreographers: Ilona Melnichenko and Scott Brown

2016-2017 Programs

Short Program: “Le Temps Des Cathedrals” from Notre-Dame de Paris by Richard Cocciante
Free Skate: “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen
Choreographers: Ilona Melnichenko and Scott Brown



2023-2024 Season
Four Continents Championships (Shanghai, China) – 8th
U.S. Championships (Columbus, Ohio) – 5th
Skate America (Allen, Texas) – 7th
Lombardia Trophy (Bergamo, Italy) – 3rd

2022-2023 Season
ISU World Championships (Saitama, Japan) — 21st
Challenge Cup (Tillburg, Netherlands) — 5th
U.S. Championships (San Jose, California) — 3rd
Eastern Sectional Singles Final (Norwood, Massachusetts) — 2nd

2020-2021 Season and 2022-2022 Season (sat out both seasons)

2019-2020 Season (junior international/senior national and international)
ISU World Junior Championships (Tallinn, Estonia) — 8th (won bronze small medal for short program)
U.S. Championships (Greensboro, North Carolina) — 5th
Asian Open (Dongguan, China) — 2nd
Junior Grand Prix Croatia (Zagreb, Croatia) — 4th
Junior Grand Prix Latvia (Riga, Latvia) — 4th

2018-2019 Season (junior international/senior national and international)
Egna Spring Trophy (Egna, Italy) — 2nd
U.S. Championships (Detroit, Michigan) — 7th
Junior Grand Prix Final (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) — WD due to injury
Junior Grand Prix Lithuania (Kaunas, Lithuania) — 1st
Junior Grand Prix Bratislava (Bratislava, Slovakia) — 4th

2017-2018 Season (junior international/senior national and international)
U.S. Championships (San Jose, California) — 13th
Junior Grand Prix Final (Nagoya, Japan) — 6th
Junior Grand Prix Italy (Egna/Bolzano, Italy) — 4th
Junior Grand Prix Minsk Arena Cup (Minsk, Belarus) — 2nd

2016-2017 Season (junior international, cont.; senior international and national debut)
ISU World Junior Championships (Taipei City, Taiwan) — 25th (did not reach FS)
U.S. Championships (Kansas City, Missouri) — 11th (senior debut)
Challenger Series Tallinn Trophy (Tallinn, Estonia) — 3rd (senior international debut)
Junior Grand Prix 47th Pokal der Blauen Schwerter (Dresden, Germany) — 4th
Junior Grand Prix Cup of Mordovia (Saransk, Russia) — 2nd

2015-2016 Season (sat out due to injury)

2014-2015 Season (junior national and international debut)
ISU World Junior Championships (Tallinn, Estonia) — 10th
U.S. Championships (Greensboro, North Carolina) — 1st
Eastern Sectional (Wake Forest, North Carolina) — 1st
Junior Grand Prix (Tallinn, Estonia) — 5th
Junior Grand Prix (Ostrava, Czech Republic) –4th

2013-2014 Season (novice)
U.S. Championships (Boston, Massachusetts) — 4th
Eastern Sectional (Ashburn, Virginia) –2nd

2012-2013 Season (intermediate)
U.S. Championships (Omaha, Nebraska) — 1st
Eastern Sectional (Hyannis Port, Massachusetts) — 1st
South Atlantic Regional (Wake Forest, North Carolina) –1st

2011-2012 Season (juvenile)
U.S. Junior Championships (East Lansing, Michigan) — 1st
South Atlantic Regional (Aston, Pennsylvania) –1st

2010-2011 Season (juvenile)

U.S. Junior Championships (Salt Lake City, Utah) — 3rd
South Atlantic Regional Championships — 1st