(08/25/2010, Sun Sentinel) … last weekend at the Cranberry Open on Cape Cod.Article-Andrew-Torgashev-5

… winning a gold medal for the PFSC was Andrew Torgashev, 9, in the juvenile boys’ free skate.

Torgashev, who earned a personal-best score of 42.14, is the son of Chiera’s PFSC coaches, Ilona Melnichenko and Artem Torgashev, both of whom are former members of the Soviet National Team.

“It’s fun,” said Andrew Torgashev, who has already been skating for five years. “When I compete against a bunch of boys, then it’s a challenge for me. When I’m competing against myself it’s like a practice.”

He and the other PFSC skaters are preparing for junior regional competition in October in Raleigh, N.C.